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Hey Tim,
I was reading up on you and figured it time to return the greetings- it WAS good meeting you at Roxy that Friday- not so long ago. Alas, I find myself awaiting another small shindig before NYE at BOA ;).
So, as I await my plane ride out of Canada- dunno if I go to China or Japan yet- time will tell, I think- viola! you'd make an amazing teacher specifically...an English teacher abroad. For a mere pittence- $1000 and 6 months of your time( part-time) why not study to be an English teacher. YOu get to travel- well maybe not Germany but chances are you might go to Africa ;)
and seeing what a social butterfly you are, chances are you will make connections- foreigners travel together there. It'd be good for your movie-making-acting.
Well this is not a shameless plug for TESL-TEFL teachers ( ok, I have my bias) but I just went thru a bit o a life change and am heading the teaching way... eventually, hopefully, seriously ;).
Having just met you and getting a first glimpse opinion of you- yeah! knew you acted in some capacity, entertaining, and social.who better but an actor to teach English. Its NOT rocket science- and its fun.
Anyway- I KNOW I'll see you somewhere, real soon.

Until then,


Timothy Washington

There's a great audio file of Chomsky talking about labour in 4 different idealised political structures. "Chomsky on Vision":

A person's labour in a collective ultimately is what defines / edifes / debases our nature. Ultimately, I think of labour in that context. Or, I would like to see the fullest development of human potential.

I'd like to know what others think.

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